Wednesday, March 07, 2018

'Paddington 2' Is as Perfectly Sweet and Pleasing as Paddington's Marmalade

Paddington was an instant family movie classic.  But Paddington 2 is as every bit as delightful, funny, and heartwarming.

Paddington, having been adopted by the Browns, is now living a happy London life, and has become a very popular member of the community.  With his Aunt Lucy’s birthday getting nearer, he’s keen of showing appreciation for everything she has done for him through the perfect birthday gift.  His search leads him to an antique pop-up book, which he knows will mightily please her.  Determined to purchase it, he begins performing several odd jobs here and there in order to save up for it.  However, when a mysterious thief steals it, Paddington must unmask him and recover the book before Aunt Lucy’s grand birthday.
First of all, Paddington 2 is utterly adorable because the eponymous character is utterly adorable.  His innocence, sincerity, and friendliness emit so much cheer, touching not only the characters around him, but the audience, too.

Meanwhile, his nemesis in this movie – played by Hugh Grant, in the best performance I’ve ever seen from him – is a Count Olaf-like character that is also charming in his own comical, villainous way.

An amusing but inconsequential side note: Mrs. Brown – played by Sally Hawkins – has an underwater swimming scene near the end of the movie.  It’s impossible to see it and not have The Shape Water pop in mind. 
Overall, I love this movie as much as I loved the first one.  It’s essentially flawless!  Every second is thoroughly fun, highly endearing, and oozing with good vibes, thanks to a very winning narrative and matching lovely visuals.   It’s cute without getting superficial; it’s sweet without getting sappy – the perfect amount and quality to please, like Paddington’s marmalade.

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