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How Is My 2018 TV Watching So Far

Listed from most to least liked, here are the TV shows I’ve watched and been watching from the start to the halfway point of 2018...

Westworld Season 2
To prep for season two, I re-watched season one last year.  And I really loved it the second time around.  It was as if everything just clicked into place stupendously once the need to figure out what was going on was no longer needed.  If I had to remake my list for best TV shows of 2016, it would be in the top five.

Meanwhile, season two had been exhilarating.  It didn’t always make sense, but its storytelling was nonetheless outstanding, and its twists and deep philosophical themes remained highly stimulating.  As a result, it definitely produced the best episodes of the series so far.  Though it still left a ton of questions, many character arcs had proved to be extremely rewarding to follow, and had come to beautiful (albeit tragic) ends.

I just hope that season 3 – which, by the way, I can’t wait to watch – won’t fold underneath the weight of the show’s complexities, but sustain its intelligent and epic quality.

Cobra Kai Season 1
CLICK HERE for my thoughts on it.

My Hero Academia Season 3
2018 is looking to be a fantastic year for anime so far.  Nevertheless, last year’s best anime series remains the best among the lot.

Barry Season 1
CLICK HERE for my thoughts on it.

Devilman Crybaby
CLICK HERE for my thoughts on it.

Violet Evergarden
CLICK HERE for my thoughts on it.

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Steins;Gate 0
Most likely, only those who loved Steins;Gate will love Steins;Gate 0, which follows the story of the traumatized Rintaro Okabe who settled to live in the beta world line before developing a plan for his past self to diverge into the Steins;Gate world line.

It’s still ongoing, and may eventually rise up in my rankings.  I find it very riveting so far.

CLICK HERE for my thoughts on it.

Dragon Ball Super
CLICK HERE for my thoughts on it.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 3
It was definitely the show’s best season so far – and one of Arrowverse’s best ever.  Legend of Tomorrow is arguably the most fun live-action comic book superhero series on TV.

Voltron: Legendary Defender Seasons 5 & 6
You know what?  I’m now ready to acknowledge that, with each new seasons, this reboot is proving more and more that it’s better than the original.

CLICK HERE for my thoughts on it.

Seven Deadly Sins Season 2
There are a couple of reasons why this current season is a must-see.  But top among them is Escanor.

Luke Cage Season 2
It delivered a gripping Shakespearean triple-threat arc for Luke Cage, Mariah Stokes, and villainous newcomer Bushmaster; an awesome Misty Knight and Colleen Wing team-up moment (further solidifying the case for the necessity of a Daughters of the Dragon Netflix series); an awesome Luke Cage and Iron Fist team-up; a shocking game-changing ending; fantastic music; and lots more.

Justice League Action
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Megalo Box
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Miss Sherlock
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Legion Season 2
It wasn’t as good as the first season, but it nevertheless enthralled with its trippy visuals and jaw-dropping storyline.

13 Reasons Why Season 2
Season 2 wasn’t as well liked by audiences as season 1.  In fact, it’s mostly hated.  Me?  I actually enjoyed it almost as much as I enjoyed season 1.  As long as the fact that this show is purely fictional is not forgotten – and thus, shouldn’t be considered as the go-to place for the answers on the sensitive topics it raises – it actually turns out being a very absorbing teen drama.  That said, that controversial scene (you know what I mean if you watched this season) was truly sickening.

The Gifted Season 1
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The Flash Season 4
It still got a tad brooding and pointless at times.  But, all in all, it totally redeemed itself from the lows of season 3.

Riverdale Season 2
Season 2 fully made Riverdale synonymous to batshit insanity and raging teen hormones.  Honestly, this resulted to some turn offs that I now don’t like this show as much as I used to with season 1.  Nevertheless, I still found it extremely entertaining overall.  In fact, I often got a kick out of how it pushed itself to ludicrous levels – especially when Cheryl Blossom became a red hood-donning vigilante archer.

A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 2
No sophomore slump.  Was as deliciously twisted and visually gorgeous as its debut season.  Really unfortunate that Nathan Fillion’s delightful character, Jacques Snicket, has to die.

This is actually an underrated, worthwhile continuation of the Naruto saga.  However, I’m currently behind.  A few months ago, I chose to stop watching it because I felt that the ongoing episodes then were filler-quality.  But I heard that it’s picking up again, so I will be jumping back into it soon.

Jessica Jones Season 2
It wasn’t as good as the first season only to the extent that it didn’t have David Tennant’s Killgrave as the big bad (though he was in one episode, as a manifestation from Jessica’s psyche).  But other than that, it had everything that made the first season fresh and engaging.

Humans Season 3
As a science fiction drama about androids gaining sentience, it once again superbly plays the role of a fine complement/alternative to Westworld.

DuckTales Season 1
This is an immensely entertaining and funny cartoon.  Actually, it was meant to be ranked much higher than this.  But it’s now somewhat ruined for me due to its treatment of Darkwing Duck.  Right from the start, the promotion teased that Darkwing Duck would show up in this series.  So I was excitedly looking forward to it.  I thought it would make an epic crossover.  But it turned out being a shocking disappointment.  Apparently, what was meant by Darkwing Duck existing in this DuckTale’s universe is that it’s just an old show that Launchpad watches.  This made me so furious that I’m seriously considering of dropping this show.

Runaways Season 1
CLICK HERE for my thoughts on it.

iZombie Season 4
It didn’t delight me as much as prior seasons, but it still served as my go-to fix for wacky police procedural.

Electric Dreams
CLICK HERE for my thoughts on it.

Constantine City of Demons Season 1
CLICK HERE for my thoughts on it.

Star Trek Discovery Season 1
CLICK HERE for my thoughts on it.

Spider-Man Season 1 & Season 2
CLICK HERE for my thoughts on it, which only covers season one.  Meanwhile, as of writing, season two is still at its early stage, and has nothing really worth commenting on yet.

CLICK HERE for my thoughts on it.

Queen of Mystery 2
CLICK HERE for my thoughts on it.

Black Lightning Season 1
CLICK HERE for my thoughts on it.

Arrow Season 6
The finale was immensely thrilling.  Unfortunately, the rest of the season didn’t reflect its quality.

Agents of SHIELD Season 5
Since it’s apparently unable to make a meaningful crossover with the MCU films, this show should just end already.

Cloak and Dagger Season 1
I’m still not sure what to feel about this show.  Still not invested.

Big Bang Theory Season 11
This show has already overstayed its welcome.  On the other hand, watching it requires no effort at all.

Supergirl Season 3
It had some great moments, and – like Arrow – had a noteworthy season finale.  Plus, Erica Durance (i.e. the greatest Lois Lane of all time) had a recurring role as Alura, Kara’s mother.  But those weren’t enough to make up for the fact that it was more concerned of spewing fallacy-saturated SJW propaganda than telling a genuinely compelling story.

Despite the intriguing direction that the next season is taking (i.e. a Red Son inspired storyline), I’m strongly tempted of dropping it.

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